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India’s 1st Chain of Speciality Clinics for Orthopaedic Problems

– Acute/Muscular Pain
– Chronic/Radiating Pain
– Slip Disc
– Post Surgical Relapse Cases
– SI Joint Dysfunction
– Tension Headache

– Tennis Elbow, Golfer’s Elbow
– Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
– Bursitis, Sprain
– Frozen Shoulder, Dislocation
– Rotator Cuff Injury, Muscle Tear
– Arthritis, Bursitis, Tendinitis

– Knee Joint Pain
– Arthritis/Osteoarthritis
– Ligament Tear
– Sprain
– Rheumatoid Arthritis

– Flat Foot
– High Arched Foot
– Ankle Sprain
– Heel Spur
– Plantar Fasciitis


100% Ethical Practices
Qualified Team of Doctors
Globally Acclaimed Technologies

Best Physiotherapy Services Clinic In Gurgaon

Orthocure Healthcare is building India’s 1st chain of Speciality clinics and hospitals specializing in orthopedic problems. Winner of the National Quality Excellence Awards, 2017 By Praxis Media

By combining the best of what India has to offer and collaborating with hospitals, clinics, and doctors from across the globe, we are building facilities which are “Centres of Excellence” for resolving orthopedic problems. For patients, this means advanced treatments for your orthopedic problems delivered with best practices. For orthopedic doctors and physiotherapists, this means a unique opportunity to either work with us or collaborate with us in an entrepreneurial setting to progress your professional career. We also intend to build educational institutions for medical education.

10 Reasons Why Our Clinics Are “Centres of Excellence” For Treating Many Orthopedic Problems

  • Specialised and focused in one area – orthopaedic problems – compared to a large hospital handling 1000+ diseases
  • Multiple people in our whole organization, rather than one standalone doctor, working towards creating protocols to give you standardized and best care in all our clinics.

“3 Point” Protocols: Based on our associations with healthcare practices in USA, Canada & Europe, our own research and collective inputs from our doctors, we have developed unique  “3 Point” Protocols which aim to diagnose and treat musculoskeletal problems in a comprehensive and standardised way.
High Success Rate of our “3 Point” Protocols: 95% of those patients rating rated themselves above 8 out of 10 in the improvement of pain and lifestyle after coming to our clinic.
Structural Correction: Unlike most clinics, we focus on “Structural Correction” to resolve the problem from its roots and not just pain relief. Eg Correcting your posture.

  • Doctors/Orthopaedists/Physical Therapists under one roof: There are certain conditions best treated by Orthopaedists first and certain by Physical Therapists. When you call us, depending upon your condition, our protocols direct you to see an Orthopaedist or Physical Therapist first in our team. Thereafter, doctors and physical therapist refer to each other as required.
  • Orthopaedic problems are largely “mechanical” problems resolved by manual therapy. Eg A misaligned spine or a weak muscle. Chemicals (medicines) have a limited role to play. Hence, 95% of our patients get treated by conservative physical therapy without medicines or injections.
  • We use Advanced Manual Therapy Techniques used widely in USA, Canada & Europe but rarely in Indian clinics. We use techniques from Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Osteopathy & Fitness world.
  • We believe in Technology – Many machines in our facility are first time in Delhi-NCR (and some even in India)
  • Best of the world in India: We have collaborated with medical practices/equipment suppliers in USA, Canada. Germany etc to bring the best of technologies to your doorstep through our clinics.
  • Senior Doctors: Our doctors and physical therapists are chosen from amongst the best in industry. Many of them are reputed names in medical practice.
  • In certain situations, medicines/injections and surgery are the better and only option. Then, Orthopaedist Doctors in our clinics take over to ensure you get full care. They operate in the best hospitals of the city, to take care of surgical option, if the need arises.

Eg. For Back and Neck problems, we have been able to resolve chronic cases wherein patients have been suffering for years and helped them avoid surgery.

Special people need special programs –

  • RunFIT – Running Improvement Program
  • GolfFIT – Golf Improvement Program
  • FitMom- Pre & Post Pregnancy program
  • WorkFIT – Corporate Program

Our doctors and staff are under strict instructions to do what is right to do from medical perspective.  They should not prescribe even a single test or an extra session if its not required. We want to re-establish the patient-doctor trust which has broken down. We welcome your feedback directly to CEO at if you feel otherwise.

  • Patient Education: Today’s “google generation” not only wants to understand what they are going through but, but also many orthopaedic problems, being chronic in nature, have to be self – managed by patients over a period of time. This is best done if they understand what they are going through. Hence, Patient Education is a big focus area for us
  • Minimal “Homework” Exercises: While doing exercises at home are great in theory, they are tough to follow in practice and, many times, done incorrectly. Hence, we have machines and treatment approaches which try to resolve your problem in clinic itself without carrying any “homework” to do exercises. However, where you need to, we give you aids to make sure you are doing them correctly and regularly.

With our presence in multiple locations, our clinics are located in your neighbourhood – in a friendly environment away from the OPD rush in hospitals.

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Hi, I am Ajay Tandon. I have had recurring lower back pain for several years. While rest and physiotherapy alleviated the problem temporarily, there was no focused root cause solution offered and my back continued to feel vulnerable. OrthoCure finally brought the logic, science, and equipment together to explain and address the underlying issue which was the need to significantly strengthen the lower back muscles with the help of Med X. I have been through the 3 month therapy program on Med X and have felt, and seen through measurements, the gradual strengthening of my lower back muscles by focused exercising of these specific muscles using Med X’s isolation technique. The machine therapy, combined with supportive physiotherapy advice, has made me more confident about my back and enabled me to indulge in my sports more freely. Wishing the OrthoCure team many more success stories in improving people’s lifestyles!

Ajay Tandon

I have spondylitis problem. Along with this got weak neck & upper back muscles with chronic pain in that area. With the dry needling, my pains were relieved. With the help of Dr. Ruchita Agarwal, I learned stretching exercises for neck and upper back region with and without their band. Also undergone three months Med X sessions as per her advice to strengthen the neck muscles. The readings of muscle strength and muscle balance were gradually improved over those three months. Currently, I am on maintenance mode on Med X to maintain the neck muscle strength and balance. Combination of muscle strengthening equipment, dry needling, stretching exercises, and cold/hot pack therapy reduced the medication intake of muscle relaxants and painkillers. I would recommend orthocure for those looking for advanced ortho services where they got Orthopedicians, Physiotherapists, along with the latest equipment on muscle strengthening for neck/back.

Mr. Gopinath Akundy

Hi, I am Virender Awal, age 47 years. I have been suffering from a chronic back problem since Dec 2000 due to a slipped disc. Despite taking all precautions like not lifting weights and not sitting for long durations, I used to lose about 2 weeks in a year due to back pain. In August 2014, I was introduced to Core Strengthening Treatment @ Orthocure which has helped me a great deal since. In my first session @ Orthocure, they measured my back strength and no surprises it was very low in relation to American standards of my age & weight. But after doing the 16-week course under the supervision of Dr. Dogra & Dr. Meenal, my back strength has improved a lot. I can actually feel the same as I have not had any back pain since I started this course and also have started jogging daily. So for me, it has worked like a huge blessing and would advocate the same for anyone who is suffering from the back problem, as it definitely has improved my life. Thanks Orthocure

Virender Awal

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